New in 2.0

  • Blender 2.8 support
  • Dynamic OSL script node (2.8 only)
  • Texture converter is friendlier
  • Animated textures
  • Native Cryptomatte integration (2.8 only)
  • Mesh export is now handled through C++, leading to a 10x reduction in export times
  • Support for adding and deleting objects in viewport render model (2.8 only)
  • Stereoscopic rendering support (2.8 only)
  • Search paths for custom shaders can be added in the preferences menu (2.8 only)

Supported Features

  • Pinhole, thin lens (supports physically correct depth of field), orthographic and spherical camera models
  • Camera, transformation and deformation motion blur
  • OSL shading
  • BCD denoiser integration
  • Integrated .tx texture converter
  • Render results directly into Blender or export scene files (including animations) for later rendering
  • AOVs
  • Alpha mapping (object based)
  • Point, directional, area and sun lamps
  • Spot lights (with optional texturing)
  • Physical sun/sky model
  • Gradient, constant color, mirror ball and latitude-longitude map environment models
  • Path tracing and SPPM lighting engines

Planned Features

  • OSL volume rendering (once appleseed supports it)
  • Light path visualization