• Auto Threads
    Select this option to have appleseed automatically determine the number of rendering threads to use. Unselect it to choose manually.
  • Noise Seed:
    This is used to initialize the number generator used for sampling. Changing it will cause different noise patterns in the rendered image.
  • Vary Noise per Frame:
    This offsets the noise seed by the current frame number. In animations this causes the noise pattern to vary between frames, mimicking the appearance of film grain.
  • Render Logging
    Selects the level of feedback from appleseed during rendering.
  • Texture Cache
    Sets the size of the cache used for storing textures. Raising this will increase memory usage but may help speed up rendering.
  • Experimental Features
    These features are active in appleseed, but maybe not quite ready for production. Use at your own risk.
    • Use Embree
      Use Intel’s Embree raytracing library.