Supported HyperShade Nodes

Support status for the Hypershade nodes, and some extra plugin nodes. If the node support status is empty, it means that the node might or might not be supported at a later date.


Nodes Support Status
Add Double Linear Supported
Add Matrix Supported
Angle Between  
Array Mapper  
Blend Colors Supported
Blend Two Attr  
Bump2d Supported
Bump3d Supported
Clamp Supported
Clearcoat Supported
Color Profile Supported (WIP)
Compose Matrix  
Condition Supported
Curve Info  
Decompose Matrix  
Distance Between Supported
Double Switch Supported (WIP)
Euler to Quat  
Four by Four Matrix Supported
Frame Cache Unsupported
Gamma Correct Supported
Height Field Unsupported
HSV to RGB Supported
Inverse Matrix Supported
Light Info  
Luminance Supported
Mult Double Linear Supported
Mult Matrix Supported
Multiply Divide Supported
Particle Sample  
2D Placement Supported
3D Placement Supported
Plus Minus Average Supported
Projection Unsupported [1]
Quad Switch Supported (WIP)
quatNodes Add  
quatNodes Conjugate  
quatNodes Invert  
quatNodes Negate  
quatNodes Normalize  
quatNodes Prod  
quatNodes Sub  
quatNodes to Euler  
Remap Color Supported
Remap HSV Supported
Remap Value Supported
Reverse Supported
RGB to HSV Supported
Sampler Info Supported
SetRange Supported
SingleSwitch Supported (WIP)
Stencil Supported
Surface Info  
Surf.Luminance Unsupported
Transpose Matrix Supported
Triple Switch Supported (WIP)
Unit Conversion  
UV Chooser  
Vector Product Supported
Weighted Add Matrix Supported


[1]An alternative to Maya’s projection node will come on the form of a custom appleseed shader.

Image Planes

Nodes Support Status
Image Plane  


Nodes Support Status
GLSL Shader Unsupported
ShaderFX shader Unsupported
StingRayPBS Unsupported
Anisotropic Supported
Bifrost Aero  
Bifrost Foam  
Bifrost Liquid  
Blinn Supported
CgFX Shader Unsupported
Hair Tube Shader  
Lambert Supported
Layered Shader Unsupported [2]
Ocean Shader  
Phong Supported
PhongE Supported
Ramp Shader  
Shading Map Unsupported
Surface Shader  
Use Background  


[2]An alternative appleseed node is provided, asBlendShader for the layering of shaders, and two shaders are provided to blend, and to composite textures. Namely asBlendColor and asCompositeColor. These provide functionality that greatly exceeds this node’s capabilities.


Nodes Support Status
Env Fog  
Fluid Shape  
Light Fog  
Particle Cloud  
Volume Fog  
Volume Shader  


Nodes Support Status
C Muscle shader  

2D Textures

Nodes Support Status
Bulge Supported
Checker Supported
Cloth Supported
File Supported
Fluid Texture 2D  
Fractal Supported
Grid Supported
Mandelbrot Supported [3]
Mountain Supported
Movie Supported [4]
Noise Supported
Ocean WIP
PSD File Supported
Ramp Supported
Substance Supported [5]
Substance Output Unsupported [6]
Water Supported


[3]The Mandelbrot2D node is partially supported only.
[4]The Movie node requires OIIO built with FFMPEG. Reliable access to individual frames of a video file, or frame-by-frame scrubbing works as expected with I-frames only videos.
[5]In order to use Substance materials, you need to use the Maya’s Substance node image file output. This will be covered on its own tutorial.
[6]For now, The Substance Output is unsupported. This might change in the future.

3D Textures

Nodes Support Status
Brownian Supported
Cloud Supported
Crater Supported
Fluid Texture 3D  
Granite Supported
Leather WIP
Mandelbrot 3D  
Marble Supported
Rock Supported
Snow Supported
Solid Fractal Supported
Stucco Supported
Volume Noise Supported
Wood Supported

Environment Textures

Nodes Support Status
Env Ball  
Env Chrome Supported
Env Cube  
Env Sky  
Env Sphere  

Other Textures

Nodes Support Status
Layered Texture Supported

Lookdevkit Nodes

Nodes Support Status
Simplex Noise WIP


Nodes Support Status
Ambient Light Unsupported
Area Light Supported
Directional Light Supported
Point Light Supported
Spot Light Supported
Volume Light