appleseed-maya is an appleseed plugin for Autodesk® Maya®.

Main exporter features

Presently the exporter supports:

  • Rendering to Maya’s RenderView
  • Batch Rendering
  • Appleseed project export (*.appleseed files) or packed appleseed project files (*.appleseedz)
  • Image Based Lighting via appleseed Physical Sky, and Dome Light
  • Support for most of Maya’s hypershade nodes (see Supported HyperShade Nodes)
  • Several appleseed specific materials, texture, and utility nodes. See Custom appleseed shaders for detailed information
  • Shader overrides with diagnostic modes, ambient occlusion geometric information
  • Final render denoising [Boughida:2017:BCD:3128450.3128464]
  • Support for custom OSL shaders as Maya shading nodes
  • Support for OpenColorIO (or OCIO)
  • Partial support [1] for Maya’s SynColor [2] color management system.


Presently appleseed has the following limitations:

  • Swatch rendering is limited to material nodes, not texture node
  • IPR is not supported yet
  • XGen support is work-in-progress and is disabled in this release
  • Only meshes are exported and rendered right now
  • PTex is not supported yet
  • The rendering or working space is limited to Rec.709/sRGB RGB primaries with a D65 whitepoint

See also

appleseedhq GSoC 2018 wiki if you want to assist implementing any of these features.


[1]For now, the input device transforms supported for the ingested material are listed in asTexture Color Management options.
[2]Maya’s native color management system, providing equivalent functionality to OpenColorIO. Not all input transformations are supported. See Autodesk Color Management Supplemental Information for more details.


[BB17]Malik Boughida and Tamy Boubekeur. Bayesian collaborative denoising for monte carlo rendering. Comput. Graph. Forum, 36(4):137–153, jul 2017. URL: https://doi.org/10.1111/cgf.13231, doi:10.1111/cgf.13231.