Object Options


  • Double Sided Shading:
    This tells the renderer to apply the object material to both sides of the polygon. This is required for glass materials to render properly.
  • SPPM Photon Target:
    This flag indicates that the object should be a ‘target’ for the photons emitted from lamps in SPPM render mode. Targeting a glass object with strong caustic effects this way can reduce rendering noise.
  • Nested Glass Priority:
    This allows you to set the priority for this object where it intersects with another object. A higher number equals a higher priority (i.e. 2 takes precedence over 1). This allows you to correctly render intersecting media like fluid in a glass.
  • SSS Set:
    A user can assign this object to an existing SSS set by selecting it here.
  • Ray Visibility Flags:
    These flags determine if an object is visible to specific ray types during rendering.
  • Object Alpha:
    This allows a user to determine the transparency of an object. The parameter can also be driven by a texture map, allowing for cutout effects like leaves.
  • Motion Blur:
    This flag determines if a deforming object will be rendered with deformation motion blur.
  • Object Export:
    This option allows an object to be used as a proxy for a pre-existing appleseed archive assembly. The assembly will replace the object in the scene at render time.